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MapleStory M: The History of Victoria Island

Today, in MapleStory M, we’ll take a look at Victoria Island, one of the four major continents in the game. This rich island has eleven towns, along with multiple dungeons with different themes. It’s also populated with unique creatures and monsters players can cull to improve their adventurer levels. However, it’s also home to formidable beasts hiding around the corner.

Victoria Island is where the Magician Association, Gold Beach, Mushroom Castle, and Lith Harbor is located. The towns of Henesys, Ellinel, Elluel, Perion, Kerning City, Partem, and Ellinia can be found here too. Not to be lost in translation are Kerning Tower, the Nautilus, and Elodin, which are also located near the starting point, the Station. It’s a bustling hub for the budding adventurers of the game.

The Current State of Victoria Island

The current Victoria Island is drastically different from what it was after the Big Bang event.  Players now have the Six Path Crossway to serve as their starting hub. The lore mentions that it was formed as an act of the Black Mage, who was resurrected by the Black Wings. The tale is recorded on the continuing storyline of the Root Abyss.


MapleStory M Character Game Lore


The Root Abyss tells of the Five Heroes who successfully sealed the Black Mage a long time ago. The latter plotted to take the World Tree’s power for himself but was thwarted by the Heroes. The tree, meanwhile, was forced to hide in the Root Abyss as it heals from the damage inflicted on it.

The Root Abyss is an area of healing and deep energy beneath the Sleepywood. It’s currently the sanctuary of the recovering World Tree. But the Black Mage isn’t a master of the Dark arcane for nothing. He continues to plot, even in defeat.

Rumors of a young girl trapped in the abyss have given the Cygnus Knights a reason to go and rescue her. This is where the current season of MapleStory M is unfurling. With the help of heroes such as yourself, the Knights will descend as far as you can take them in this realm full of magical danger at every corner. There are four Masters of Darkness to defeat here as well, each as formidable as the Mage which they serve.

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