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MapleStory M: The Game’s Heroic Explorers

The Explorers, also known as the Adventurers, are the main branch of character jobs found in MapleStory M. There are five initial classes – the Warrior, Mage, Bowmen, Thief, and Pirate class. Each one caters to a specific playstyle, so you can pick one that matches your preference.

The Indomitable Melee Warrior

The Explorer Warrior works with an efficient attack delivery system that relies on raw strength and brutality. They are the class with the highest base HP (health points) at the cost of MP (mana points). The Warrior has access to all kinds of weapons in the game, but these are melee weapons that can deliver massive damage. A Warrior can branch out to be a Fighter, Page, or Spearman.

The Cunning Thief of MapleStory

Thief Explorers are one of the five different initial jobs in MapleStory M. Equipped with fast short-range attacks, a thief isn’t a heavy-damage dealer; their beauty lies in landing consecutive attacks with weapons like claws, throwing stars, and the token dagger. They are quick and nimble–always relying on quick strikes and the element of surprise. They can branch out to become Assassins or Bandits.

MapleStory M Character Classes


The Devastating Skills of The Magician

Wielding the Arcane arts, Magicians are peerless in their use of magical power to deal massive damage to their enemies. They aren’t the type to lead parties, but they can wreak havoc from afar and support the leader of the group. Magicians have powerful classes to transcend into; they can become an Ice/Lightning or Fire/Poison Wizard. They can also focus completely on healing and defensive magics as Bishops.

The Precise Eagle-Eyes of The Bowman

What kind of adventuring party would it be without Bowmen? These stalwart long-ranged killers can rain terror from afar with their arrows, allowing them to land the first or the last hit on an enemy. They are among the classes that should stay away, as their HP (health points) are average at best. Bowmen can choose to become a Bowmaster or a Marksman upon leveling up, where they can decide to continue using the bow or transition into the mighty crossbow.

The Infamous Pirate of the High Seas

Rounding up the party of Explorers is the Pirate. They are brave ocean-faring warriors, living fast and hard, but aren’t strangers to becoming heroes when the situation calls for it. They are handy with a gun, but they can also become ferocious berserkers. Two branches cater to these strengths; they can choose to become Corsairs, or they can also shift into becoming Buccaneers. Corsairs are gunslingers, while Buccaneers are brawlers.

Out of these five classes, you can only choose one. Decide which destiny you want to shape in the world of MapleStory M. Just know that fate would also have you play the game, the best possible way. So hit that “Play for Free” button and download the MMORPG title on your PC now! You’ll also get access to hundreds of other games in the process!