About MapleStory M: The Classic RPG in Modern Platform

MapleStory M finally arrives on the PC! It’s the highly awaited follow-up to MapleStory, the open-world game that caught the players and everyone else’s imagination in the early 2000s. Revisit familiar places and cities once more, track down legendary gears, and prove yourself the hero that the realm needs.


Classic characters are also coming back! Witness the Dark Knight, Night Lord, Bow Master, Bishop, or Corsair once more and assume their identities. You can also choose a different identity and be the Arch-Mage, Hero, or Shadower. There are lots of heroes to choose from – express yourself through them!

Check out the different MMORPG features of the game. Join in guilds and complete objectives as part of a respectable alliance. You can also partake in different missions and fight against other players for supremacy. Earn the rights to glory defeating the most epic bosses!

MapleStory is everything a massive multiplayer-online roleplaying-game is supposed to be. You can heighten that experience too with our free PC download. Get access to improved full-screen resolution and customizable key-maps!. Try it out today and see what adventure the game has in store for you!